Westfriese Omringdijksait

Westfrisian Round Walk (trailer)

De kunstenaar Pé Okx maakte in een jaar tijd meer dan 40.000 foto’s van de Westfriese Omringdijk. In vaste tijdspannen achter zijn mobiele camera voortschrijdend door de dagen, door de seizoenen, zo fotografeerde hij steeds recht vooruit. De foto’s monteerde hij tot een boeiende film, waarvan hier een trailer te zien is. Een fotoboek met de complete film is verkrijgbaar via de website www.peokx.nl.

For one year Dutch artist Pé Okx photographed the Westfriese Omringdijk. For centuries this circular dike is laying in the north of Holland, 80 miles long. Solid in time, a piece of massive beauty.
Okx tried to capture this beauty in images. In a yearlong project, he walked a section of the dike for one day each month, from sunrise till sunset. Taking a photograph every three steps, waiting 12 seconds after every third step before snapping the shutter. A very slow walk through the countryside. Where he stopped at the end of each day, he continued his walk one month later, again at sunrise. Through all kinds of weather, in spring and fall, he examined the perception of time.
More than 40.000 pictures are mounted into a movie of 45 minutes. Because of the on-going image sequence the spectator travels with high speed through days and seasons. Every time a day ends and a new one begins, one month is gone. The notion of ’time’ is seen from another perspective. The movie shows the beauty and dynamic of the Westfrisian landscape in an intriguing way. See also www.peokx.nl.